Om Adishakthi – Jagatjanani Jagadamba : Chapter 2

The nature of karma that is going on in the whole world is also the nature of the conductor or the doer. I am getting attracted by his inspiration and you are studying. This is the definition of nature that is good and understood by our ancient sages. In the form of “Adi Shakti Sri Jagatjanani Jagadamba”, there is the all-pervasive truth in all the creation in the form of stunning and formless mother. Ashtabhuja is different weapon in all hands, according to their vastness, it is the illusion of Sih or tiger. Coming into understanding? And coming in understanding, then what is coming in understanding? Think of how ancient Indian Rishimuni was knowledgeable that in a puzzle he had represented the nature of monolithic nature. And gave us the knowledge that this whole creation The only power worthy of worship is “Adi Shakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba”.

ॐ Who is the sound of the whole world

It is said that ॐAdishakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba ॐ is the ubiquitous truth in the entire universe. In Sanatan religion-based Sriyantra, adi Shakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba’s unbroken energy resides. The place where Shriyantra is established is inhabited by cosmic energy, where there is a residence of happiness and prosperity.

Generation which is possible only from a woman, a sprout is the creation of a creature. For this reason, all the cosmic phenomena have been born by all of them by the energy energy and nurture all the living beings like a mother, she is an addict. For this the ancient Indian Rishimuni o imagined that this divinely addicted power that nurtures the whole creation is a mother form. For this reason, the Indian Rishimuniyo, who has given the Aulokiq, Aadi Anarchic energy power nature, has mentioned in the form of “ॐ Adishakti Sri Jagatjanani Jagadamba” by giving the epithet of Mother. This creation is very beautiful, for this ॐAdishakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba has been mentioned as a mother with an immensely beautiful face.

How do these habitual powers do so many auspicious tasks? For this purpose, Adi Shakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba is mentioned as Ashtabhuja Devi Mata. That is, Adi Shakti, Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba, by the beautiful hand, maintains the beautiful form of this world and nurtures all the living beings with the love of one mother.

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