Law of Nature : progeny

It is a sacred duty of compassion to the great power of Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba to bring forth his dynasty Warsa by producing children of all kinds of living beings on the earth.

All creatures in the world grow their offspring to produce offspring, how many species of creatures are such that those who produce offspring and get death immediately, the life of these creatures is aimed at advancing their offspring. . The trees and plants are used by their bijs to spread their offspring.

All the living creatures that are alive at present were alive two-two years ago? Since the birth of the dynasty, this world has flourished for millions of years, which is the world color of the world, it is due to the growth of the dynasty. A bird also takes care of laying its egg and when the chick comes out of the egg, it feeds its chick by bringing a grain or small insect animal from far away and putting it in the chick’s beak. A creature also hunts its children – while wandering which is useful in its life, it bears all the qualities.

Man has prudence and wisdom from Adi Shakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba, so all human beings should remain very sensitive and authentic towards their children. All human beings should not be cremated after the birth of their child, should name it and should take care of the upbringing of their offspring and should jump with authenticity. As soon as the progeny of the child is fit to be practiced, he should be schooled and sent to the Gurukul for practice. Give proper time to your child, your child should be treated well since childhood, he should speak, walk and eat a decent manner, to eat and drink clothes.

Any topic has a serious effect on the small child, so no parent should have to do any intoxication or rude devotion in view of their children. Full dedication of husband and wife is most effective in the child’s psyche, who lives a very loving life, husband and wife have brought up their children from civilization, that good child never removes his parents at the waning age. is.

In the world, people who live their lives civilly in every human community, which is a very important life useful conduct system, is the eternal rite. The ideology of Sanatan Dharma is the best life according to the best nature. In the absence of Sanatan Sanskar, if the child grows up, what is its good or bad? It does not differentiate. What is certified? What is the duty of your life? There is no knowledge of these primary duties o.

Cultured human beings should be able to practice their children by performing the rituals of marriage, or the rituals of livelihood, then the rituals that they have practiced, along with the sanatan rites and religion, they need to be equitable.

By practice, all the children will grow up to earn their livelihood, but if the Santh Sanatha Sanatan Samaj Sanatan Sanskar will practice Sanatana Dharma, if he knows his religion, then he will be able to enjoy all the wealth of life. The child who is a precious gift to all the men and women pair, by Adi Shakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagdamba. You should try this precious bhat, look after your child’s worth. It is the solemn duty of a parent of all men and women to give eternal rites to their children. All the men and women should be thankful very much to Shri Jagatjanani Jagdamba for the priceless gift of mealy form.

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