Law of Nature : Love and Marriage

The power of love for all male (male) and female (female) living in a pair on earth. Adi Shakti is the most sacred duty of compassion of Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba. ॐ Adi Shakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba’s command to all living beings on earth is that everyone should love to pair and should love, there is no greater duty than love on earth.

All creatures on earth have their love pair. The division of woman and masculinity in trees and flowers also makes the creation of the creation possible by the pure loving love of both of them. Charo and see dog-dog, rat-bird, cow-Nandi, elephant-elephant, camel-camel, pigeon-pigeon, lion-tigress are all paired with love. In trees, neem-nimdi, peepal-pipli, in flowers too, female saffron-pusher everywhere – we cannot even imagine creation without a loving pair of narmada.

What kind of struggle does a couple make in the universe? Two species of animals of any species fight fiercely against one female in good faith. There is a difference of life and death, which is a capable male, he can complete his love duty by pairing with a female. No one on earth has the right to pair a weak male of a species. Look around in this world, where you see there is love between male and female pair of creatures of all species. Look at the scene of the lion-lioness resting after the hunt, look at the lovelorn with the beak of the stork belli, see the pigeon-goo of the pigeon-pigeon, what is there other than just fours and pranayas?

By the grace of Adi Shakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba, man is intelligent and is civilized and civilized, so to make all the men and women pair and settle their world is a sacred natural duty in the holy. All civilized societies of the world should respect the man and woman who are tied in the marriage formula according to their custom, and respect them very much. The biggest place in all the human civilization of the world is that of a husband-wife couple, nothing can be more sacred than a couple tied to the bond of marriage between men and women. With full dedication, women and men, who live faithfully with respect for each other’s feelings with respect and respect for each other, live there automatically. Adi Shakti is the abode of Shri Jagatjanani Jagdamba. Where a woman and a man live a full loving life there is a dwell of happiness, prosperity and purity. ॐ Adishakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba’s word is that the couple of man or woman tied in the marriage of all civilized human community, be loyal to each other with complete dedication, they will live a loving life without complete affliction and the couple will not suffer any kind of pain and that The couple will get heavenly pleasure on this earth. If the man and woman pair do not believe in each other, there should always be admiration, no love, no love, the pair of that man and woman will have to endure torture like hell and trouble will have to be suffered at a very young age.

To interfere in the love life of a married couple in the marriage formula of any man and woman is a crime of Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba. All human beings should make a pair of thanks for their love and love, and to show immense gratitude to Sri Jagatjanani Jagadamba for giving love.

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