Law of nature : Gratitude

Om Adishakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba has given four sacred natural duties to all the creatures of the world, giving food, love, children, defense to all the creatures of the world, only to conscience-wise man. A man has to perform the four duties of life only, but the fifth duty is the most special. Adi Shakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba’s obeisance, praise, meditation, respect for nature and be thankful.

     From the part of Maha Chetna, there is consciousness in all living beings of the universe. It is alive. After death, the lifeless body will dissolve in the Pancha Mahabhutas or it will become the food of the hunter creature and the consciousness will be returned. There is consciousness in all beings in this world. He has come from the power of Adi Shakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba. According to nature, his duty of life is to return to authenticity and Adi Shakti Shri Jagat Janani is to go to his shelter near Jagadamba. Everything that is in this world is only by the grace of Adi Shakti Shri Jagat Janani Jagdamba. Man is a wise intellectual by the grace of Adi Shakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba. Variety of amenities – comforting houses – various recreational places to visit the hotel – Miscellaneous luxury facilities – decorated vehicles, aircraft, different food, dishes, good clothes, precious jewelry – as much as human beings think it is less For what keys? Is there any human being other than the human being, or any other creature, capable of enjoying these physical pleasures? The person who is bonding his life to bring such a feeling in the mind that all this material pleasure facility is not taken for me, that man is all this material pleasure facility by the grace of which he is insulting the great power Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba. Surgeon of the whole universe, this material pleasure facility, everything is attained by the compassion of Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba, a human being. All human beings should take care that any excesses of pleasure-pleasures and over-indulgence of pleasures lead to deformity. And if a person is in Nijanand in his enjoyment and pleasure, and the man’s wife – children – parents – hurts the feelings of everyone in the same way, then any kind of enjoyment and exploitation is a crime, it is a crime to commit wrongdoing. is.

     A man should be thankful to the great power of Shri Jagatjanani Jagdamba for his wisdom to see the wisdom of wisdom, health, material happiness and the varied colors of nature and the ecstasy of all the creatures of the world. Om Adi Shakti, Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba I have this precious life because of you, because of you, I am happy with your body and heart, because of you our pair is unbroken, because of you I have the happiness of children, because of you I have all these material comforts Accessible, you can enjoy the pleasure of sleep and variety of food in your own way – Adi Shakti Shri Jagat Janani Jagadamba, always die gracefully and my well wishers continue to rain on my family.

     All human beings should express their gratitude to Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba for all that is there in his life. A person should desire to attain happiness or higher status in his life by making a determined life goal for himself, and should take great auspiciousness with full dedication. Whatever character a person wants to play in the life theater, whatever his character is in all the characters, Adi Shakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagdamba has to maintain his faithfulness with full devotion by having full dedication. Adi Shakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba has paid human beings the sacred religious duty of all of us to pay the debt of the bliss that is offered by Sanatan Dharma Sanskar. Sanatan Dharma Sanskrit and Civilization In India, we have to be constantly trying to keep the eternal civilizational religion unbroken for a long time.

    Remember one thing, we understand the laws of human nature and nature, take this divine knowledge in your life and make it possible to bring happiness and prosperity to our family, society and religion. For this, we will have to create a sense of self-determination, through the Maha Chetna form of Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba.

    Adi Shakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba is associated with the subconscious and unconscious, and all the conscious subconscious are all operated by Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba. In this case, Adi Shakti Shri Jagatjanani will address Jagadamba in the name of ‘Maha Chetna’ and will address the inner soul of man in the name of consciousness. In the next episode, we learned that there are five bodies and sixteen power cycles of the soul (consciousness).

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