Law of Nature : Defense – Attack

Lakshmana is the natural nature of all the creatures of the world of defense and aggression, protecting his body, protecting his female, protecting his food, protecting his offspring, protecting his land, protecting his health, protecting his community. Nature of Defense दी Adi Shakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba is the right of all the creatures of the world given to him.

A reindeer also struggles with the hunter-gatherer child, all creatures of the world have developed a variety of symbols to protect their life. If any violent queen animal has aggression, does anyone snatch her prey from it? The queen animal also protects its prey from the other mortal creatures on their life’s enjoyment. While living in the jungle, the trunahari creatures also play a war of death to protect their female from their harifs. In its defense, the wild buffalo’s jundles also eject predatory queen animals such as Ikatha ho lion. If the other dog enters a dog’s field, then the herds of the dog also do a fierce fight among themselves to protect their territory. Similarly, monkey herds also fight with each other very publicly to protect their female in their area.

All human beings should protect their bodies, protect their souls, protect their children, protect their family, protect their deposits inhabited by karma, protect their society, protect their sanatan dharma rites and rituals, their One has to perform the sacred duty of protecting the nation. When a person needs to be aggressive, he should aggress and destroy his religion mother and mother’s anti-O.

A woman also likes to be a protector with such a superior man. A child also gives more importance to such a parent who is capable of protecting the child. It is also important of a brave man in society to be able to protect the interest of the society in Jesus who is aggressive. Even in religion, which is more important for the patriotic hero, the community considers the religious hero Vireo as a divine man, remembering the hero for a long time and worshiping him. Fair of Dharmakshak Veero is held in the memory of heroic songs. Thousands of years ago, Shri Ramchandra invaded and protected Rama’s kingdom by destroying the rudeness and demons, for this, Shri Ramchandra’s name is taken with respect and honor in the world for the protection of religion.

Due to the grace of Adi Shakti Shri Jagatjanani Jagadamba, wisdom is available to all human beings, civilization, religion is in harmony, so it is the duty of all human beings to become a guardian by venturing into the new life of Shri Ramchandra. Always the defending savior of religion remains immortal for a long time in the public mind.

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