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shree saty sanaatan dharm kee jay

Nature has varied colors in the global context, some have icy Siberian plains, some have an empire of Vishwantriya rainforests, some are the great deserts of Arabia and Sahara and some have created the high mountains of the Himalayas and the Andes. If there are green plains of Europe, then there are dry plains of Australia, somewhere is the state of Mosham climate in India, and somewhere there is a dry climate of the whole year. Seven plots Sato plots have a diverse natural climate and according to that natural climate a diverse human civilization is developed. All human civilization has different beliefs, religious creed, language, food, clothing, clothing, living and ethics are all different. Like the natural climate of the land in the world, the living groups of human beings living there should be likewise tolerant, policy, religious ideologies. Just as it takes the form of complete human civilization, the same is the universal truth spread all over the world. Human values ​​are the true Sanatan Dharma, since the time of the Adivasi civilization, constantly changing from the development of human civilization. In the context of the world, the diverse colors of human civilization which are compatible with nature on diverse terrain, the same is the ubiquitous true Sanatan Dharma spread all over the world. The group of human beings who respect all these human civilization and be proud of their religious civilization, be grateful and work hard with community policy and guide the whole world to reach the peak of happiness and prosperity, that is the true Sanatan Dharma civilization.

Man has seen many ups and downs on the gradual development path of human civilization, how much has the surgeon and destruction of human civilization become. History says that whenever there is development and destruction of human civilization, the diverse cult sect has been the main reason for the belief in it. In the human civilization history of the world, many metaphysics were there who have given birth to many different sect sect ideologies called Dharma. Among them, there is a surgeon of human civilization rich in positive religious ideologies. So, other civilizations rich in other and negative creed communal ideologies, have also become a victim of the religion called Dharmajnuni violent psychosis. If some rich human civilization is becoming a victim of renunciation from cult sect ideologies in the name of religion, then it has become a name.

Originally, the human civilization in India is the Sanatan Dharma civilization, which is in today’s form with a gradual development of thousands of years. In the mythological period of India, there were many sage Rishimuni, who, by his knowledge, created a positive religion ideology, the basis of which is the Shakmat. The highest value of divine power should be given priority to human values ​​according to the trinity doctrine of Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh, Shakmat is the mother religion of the native of India, who gives importance to the nature and science of karma. Human civilization developed by the positive religion ideology of Rishimunis has created Brahmin, Prakrit and full language Sanskrit. The learned men of India have made invaluable contributions in the subject of Divine Vedigyan Diya, Sanatana Murtipooja’s Vigyan Diya, Agama-Nigam’s Gyan Diya, Ayurveda Chikitsa, invented Kya Astro – Mathematics – Rasayana – Nittinayya. Meditation, knowledge of spirituality yoga, the highest standard of human civilization, the surgeon of Shri Ramayana scripture has given us our ancient Sri Sasya Sanatan Dharma Diya. What we call Shakya Sanatana Dharma is the supreme power in this Shakya Sanatana Dharma recognition “Adi Shakti Sri Jagatjanani Jagadamba” and the highest power in Vedic Religion recognition “Vedmata Shri Gayatri” in this Sanatan and Vedic Religion Recognition of “Religion, Dharmakarma, Dharmudh” The Triguni Principle is the only one.

Due to the period of time, there will be many natural turmoil in India and the world, many human civilization will be transferred to O, how many creeds of communal ideology will be surge and destroy. The native Sanatan Dharma community of India has been the victim of cultural and political attacks of a rude community with negative barbaric ideology. O, a native of India, has spent the last thousand years of cultural political slavery, yet we are fortunate that the grand Sanatan Dharma established by Rushimunio in India has also continued to exist in its segment. The original Sanatan Dharma of Bharatvarsha is a store of very deep and vast knowledge, it is impossible to understand the full Sanatan Dharma in a human birth.

A grand deity temple built in nature, Shivalaya – The divine temple of Shri Shaktipeeth, installed on the mountain – Resounding in the temples, Jayakara of the true Sanatan Dharma – Meditation Spiritualism, Vedigana, Purnan, Jain Agama-Nigam, Kesharia Dharmadhvaja – Religion of Shri Ramayana and Shri Ramachandra Influence – Bhajan-satsang, Dharma-Utsav and Dharma processions – Worshiping rituals from Sanskrit Shlokas of Brahmins- Sadhus- Saints- Sanyasis, Jain sages – Gyanasatsang of Acharyo, Advaitmat, Jainamat, Shaivamat, Vaishnavamat, A Sanatan of the bright community of Shakmat Religion Bandhan is an eternal spiritual truth of all of Bharatvarsha, the eternal religion.

In India, there are many scriptures in the form of Sanatan, Jain and Vedic knowledge, many saints Mahatma Muni Acharya -Math Ashram -Dharma institutions are engaged in Bhagiratha Mahakarya for propagating theology by keeping diverse opinions ahead. Many Sanatan Dharma Heath organizations and millions dedicated to Sanatan Dharma are engaged in the upliftment of Sanatan Dharma in India, but today Sanatan Dharma Sanskar is facing a crisis of negative religious ideology. Only the indigenous people of India do not know their original religion, Sanatan Sakyamat, only the indigenous people of India are opposed to their original religious rites. The conspiracy to turn the indigenous people of India from that Shakya Sanatan Dharma, which is the backbone of our Dharma Sanskar, is being hatched. In Jesus Sanatan Sakyamat, the varna system was karma-dominated, that varna system has become birth-oriented today in a distorted form, we are all concerned about our Sanatan Dharma Sanskar. Sanatan Shakyamat has been fragmented in India today, giving full form to the fragmented form of this grand Sanatana Dharma Heritage Sakyamat is the duty of all of us, the original indigenous people of India. My endeavor is to establish the kingdom of Rama in India by awakening the self-pride of the indigenous people of India by fully exposing this knowledge of Sanatana Dharma and giving justice to Shakmat in authenticity. The Sanatan Dharma that I have known, understood and experienced since childhood, has only attempted to compile my original Sanatana Dharma idea and Sanatan Moorthy of Pujana science into a form of positive action in “Ekatmasatya”. There is no description of many concrete religious beliefs o f the Sanatan-Vedic-Jain and Advaita-Hindutva in “Ekatmasatya”. But I have tried to compile Sanatan Shakyamat’s theology of Sanatan Shakyamat, which is not accessible in the Sanatan Dharma community, native to India.

Together, my experience of the knowledge of Shri Ramayana in “Ekatmasatya” is my original meaning which will be the subject of a new deep self-realization for Sanatan Dharmik people who believe in human civilization. In the final process, haiku is shloka (haiku is bounded by 5 + 7 + 5 = 17 letters and each haiku has its own independent esoteric meaning.) 155 Haiku based on Sanatan Dharma in religion and India in India There are 156 haiku related to glorious history. Both commendations have 155 + 156 = 311 haiku. Which will be the subject of deep knowledge for the religious and Buddhist people who are interested in the glorious history of Sanatan Dharma and India.

“Ekatmasatya” is the fruit of my years of austere austerity, which is a priceless theology due to the tenacity of the Aghor state. I dedicate this precious theology to those renowned Anam Dharmyoddha of Sanatan Dharma who struggled without any solution for Sanatan Dharma Sanskar, fought the crusades, tortured right, suffered humiliation, faced thousands of years of slavery, accepted the following actions. Kiya but has not left his original Sanatan Dharma. Sanatan Shakyamat of “Ekatmasatya” should be proud of Sanatan Dharmi Atmagarav, all the indigenous people of India, to become “united” and organize to establish Ram Rajya in India. It is the wish that all Sanatan righteous Bharatvars should be elevated to the highest status of the world Guru and reach the golden peak of prosperity.

Deepakji Kishenji

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