Om Adishakthi – Jagatjanani Jagadamba : Chapter 1

The Sun is a star. The Earth and eight planets revolve around the Sun. Is life only on Earth? 200 billion stars like Sun and Sun are in our sky Ganges, will there be any life?

Our sky is more than 200 billion stars like the Sun in the Ganges. There are up to 400 billion stars in this universe, such a vast sky is Ganges, in this universe, not one or two other, more than 200 billion sky have been Ganges. Now imagine that 200 billion galaxies are in that too, more than 200 billion stars in it and each star is so vast that its universe is this universe

How many universes will there be on the other side of this universe? This is all out of imagination. Human beings did not even jump more than six feet on their feet on this earth, except that on this earth, it would not know that there would be any life in the universe. Who knows all this universe and who is operating the universe, no one knows anything. Let the universe know, what does man even know about our solar system? Suryamala also knows how much this man knows about this earth too?

The atmosphere on this earth, which is life-threatening, the various oceans are spilling with water, there is a diverse terrain, there is a variety of climate. What is known about the entire ocean and the diverse terrain that is alive with different types of living beings? What you are seeing, what you are experiencing is very aulokik, do not know why some fools are calling this heaven-like earth a hell or a dead land? Here, there is life everywhere, there is communication of consciousness, there is zeal and enthusiasm. We are looking at the mountains, which are seeing the atmosphere around us, the terrain which we are seeing, the rivers, ponds and oceans we are seeing. In all these, we are watching the life of many kinds of living beings while doing Anand Anand. Naturally the question arises in our mind? Who is driving this universe? Who is nurturing this universe? What is the purpose behind keeping all this moving?

It is a monolithic imperceptible energy power that is constantly being transformed into each other, everywhere, every corner is conscious, even the smallest molecule is moving. The big planets – stars – the sky, and the universe is also moving and conscious. There is nothing inanimate here, the protons around the neutron of the molecule and the electrons orbiting around the protons. Inside the neutron, there is also a piercing particle called Vigyan Higgsbejon (Ishwaryakana). Different elements exist on the number of protons and electrons in all the molecules. Every element takes a big form, the planets, the planetarium, the sun, the sky, the Ganges, the universe are formed. And from the smallest molecule to the atom, from the largest to the largest universe, all revolve around each other. Which power, which energy keeps everyone moving fast?

There is such an imperceptible element in this universe, Jesus does not have an electron – proton – neutron, which is very dramatic. Which is a combination of the other thirteen elements with the element quontum. Quontum (daladariat) is not, although it is still not a molecule or atom in thirteen elements. This thirteen elements are so dramatic in unity among themselves that they are constantly changing in the atoms of the four elements, there is no stable and stable here. The oolokic consciousness in every living organism is also a combination of the energy of thirteen imperceptible elements. These thirteen elements continue to transform the quontum (group) into each other continuously, which is a puzzle for today’s science. Just like mercury and gold, there is only one electron difference, but science can never make mercury out of mercury and gold into mercury in the laboratory. But every conscious human being, of whatever species, is constantly transforming one element into another by this consciousness that is in his body. All the living beings (Chetan) take oxygen (Pranavayu) in their breath for the dose and life and get energy by converting that oxygen (Pranavayu) into carbon. Trees and creepers also take carbon and convert it into oxygen. Every living being takes an element and changes the nature of that element and adds it to the other element and takes nourishment from it.

If one of these fourteen (14) elements is also lacking?

  1. All the elements in which there are molecules and atoms.
  2. Agni – How would there be a universe without fire?
  3. Awaaz- What can the imagination of creation be without sound?
  4. Drishti: If man and any creature could not see anything, would it be a creation?
  5. Cold-heat- Can the universe be imagined without cold and heat?
  6. Growth- Where would every organism grow without growth?
  7. Transformation – If there is no transformation of one element into another, that is, change?
  8. Light – If there was no light in the universe, would there have been a creature on earth?
  9. Wave- Without any wave what can the universe be imagined?
  10. 10 condolences – If there is no sensation in any organism?
  11. Idea – What can a person imagine creation without thinking?
  12. Gravity – Attraction – Without gravity (Gurutabhar), can this universe remain mobile?
  13. Time- If there is no element of time in this universe?
  14. Speed – If everything happens to stop Speed , then the universe can be from where?

The combined form of these 14 elements is what we call energy.

These 14 elements have been called by the ancient Indian Rishimuni as 14 bho-forests. How many such elements and substances of this infinite universe, such as the one who makes and operates the cone? The combined form of these 14 elements is called the unbroken unseen cosmic energy nature, part of which is the soul-consciousness as a light point.

Jesus has neither been born, has not died, where has begun, where is the middle and where is the end, where everywhere Jesus is the ubiquitous presence of energy. The larger universe, moving from particle to particle, is moving with energy, which is unbroken, imperceptible, which is everywhere, it is the original power. All are conscious of this law of energy, which is the origin of life of every species. By Jesus, he is the surgeon of all the traps, that is nature. Whatever I am thinking about what I am reading, what you are reading, what I am thinking, I am thankful to that imperceptible – unbroken omnipresent habitual “nature”

Nature imparts its pure white knowledge to every human being, but the different currents that occur during the life of all human beings are colored in such a way that they are entertained in different dharmas of different perception. The pure white color of nature is also colored in the different perception of the human self, for this reason, so many different religions and creeds exist in this world.

It is the nature that makes the deer feel hungry, and then encourages him to go to the grassland. It is the nature that makes Baadh hungry, then gives the Wagh a deer where she grazes the grass and prays to go there. It is nature that makes the grass graze deer beware of the wagh. It is nature that gives Wagh the agility to hunt deer. It is nature that gives Hiran the fear of Wagh and inspires him to escape from his life. This is the nature which gives the strength and agility to hunt the wagha by catching it after the deer.

It is nature that inspires all living beings to do their deeds. This nature helps the living organism more than the karma of the living organism. If the deer escapes more then the deer gets more support, and if the deer gets more help, then the wagger gets more help. There is only one law of nature, which makes it more effortful to do your karma with full devotion, to cooperate with that karma.

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